Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mary of Teck

The Mad Monarch posts about the consort of George V.
King George and Queen Mary were the image of the model family; a happy couple, devoted and faithful to each other with many children who focused on doing good deeds and setting a proper example. They were the first sovereigns to celebrate their accession as Emperor and Empress of India on the subcontinent and when World War I erupted she set a magnificent example at the palace for the Royal Family being in solidarity with the British public. She saw to it that everything was rationed (as it was for the people) and even though it caused her great emotional distress she frequently visited the badly wounded troops of the BEF evacuated from the front in France and Belgium. Just before the war ended Queen Mary was devastated by the death of her ailing son Prince John; few at the time knew just how devastated. Yet, through it all, she was seen as a tower of strength at every public appearance, proper, determined and devoted to duty. She certainly was a great help to King George V who relied on her advice, emotional support and calming influence.(Read entire article.)


lara77 said...

I remember reading that Queen Mary always wore a tiara at dinner; whether a private dinner or with visiting dignitaries. In her later years I see such a strong resemblance to her grandaughter Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Mary was truly an ideal Queen Consort.

elena maria vidal said...

The more I read about her, the more I get the sense that it is because of Queen Mary that the British monarchy survived WWI. She held everything together.