Monday, January 30, 2012

Herb Whisperer

How to grow an urban garden.
Seattle's Amy Pennington once oversaw the office of acclaimed chef-restaurateur Tom Douglas. Now free from the nine-to-five life, she's the verdant thumb behind GoGo Green Garden, a one-woman consulting shop that helps urbanites plant their own produce. The 37-year-old teaches her clients to reap harvests in the most petite of plots—or, if need be, window boxes. In both her latest book, "Apartment Gardening," and "Dirt City," the bi-weekly column she recently started writing for the website Food52, Ms. Pennington shares her know-how with metropolitan types everywhere.

She applies the same principles of wasting nothing and maximizing space to home cooking. Visit her streamlined one-bedroom apartment, and you'll see her template for sustainable living and perfectly stocked cupboards. Potted plants populate her narrow balcony, and homemade condiments and organic grains bought in bulk fill her kitchen. (Read entire post.)

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The North Coast said...

Nice post. People of all sorts are now very interested in learning how to live sustainably and comfortably in small urban spaces, and are learning permaculture and how to grow "food forests" in tiny pockets of space, as well as live comfortably while consuming far less and making use of everything they have.

Whether or not you believe that we have reached an inflection point where essential resources are depleting far faster than they can replenish themselves, or are just someone who despises waste and wants to make her scarce money go much further while enhancing the quality of life for herself or her family, the people who are practicing sustainability are inspirational.