Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Faith of William Wallace

Some insights into the life and beliefs of the real Wallace.
On the gallows, he confessed to the Archbishop of Canterbury and asked, as his final wish, to be able to pray the Psalter. He died disembowelled as he recited the penitential Psalms. An English priest present at the execution, later stated he had seen William’s soul welcomed into Heaven by a host of angels. Whether it was fact or legend, this vision of Braveheart taken to Heaven by angels became a recurrent theme in sermons for many years to come. (Read entire article.)


patricia said...
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patricia said...

Thank you for sharing this article!
I am currently reading through Jane Porter's semi-fictional tale, The Scottish Chiefs. While the fiction does sometimes make the story more exciting...It is inspiring for me to read the truth. God's blessings~