Monday, November 14, 2011

Tsar Harry?

Some Russians want Prince Harry to become the new Tsar of Russia. Unbelievable but intriguing. (Can you imagine Harry having to deal with the likes of Putin and company? But in Russia, anything is possible.) To quote:
Russia's absolute monarchy was abolished in 1917 following the abdication of Nicholas II, who was subsequently shot alongside his family, ushering in seven decades of Communist rule. While there is currently no undisputed claimant to the defunct Romanov throne, Mr Baunov points out that Harry has plenty of royal Russian blood coursing through his veins.

He continued: 'His great great grandmother was the great duchess Olga Konstantinovna Romanov. 'Moreover, King George V [who ruled from 1910-36] was a cousin of our Tsar Nicholas II, so the British princes are his distant nephews.' Olga, granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas I and cousin of Tsar Alexander III, was Queen of Greece, and is the paternal grandmother of Prince Philip.  Mr Baunov suggested that it would be easy to find an attractive Russian bride and to make Harry the symbolic Tsar with his throne in the Kremlin palace. He said restoring the monarchy would bring back quality to Russian high society. The former Foreign Ministry official evidently suggested creating Tsar Harry to start a debate in Russia, where there is traditionally little support for restoring the monarchy, and to mock the current rulers.

One backer, physicist Nikita Govorun said: 'They've got Prince Henry spare still. Shall we marry him to some Russian Cinderella, swear allegiance to him, and we will live happily every after like they do in England? 

'Let him be not Henry or Harry, but Igor the First.' And one online poll this week found 39 per cent support for a constitutional monarchy, compared with 24 per cent for the current democratic republic, and 12 per cent for a communist state. (Read entire article.)

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