Monday, November 21, 2011

Son Altesse Royale

The Duchesse d'Angoulême in 1815. From Vive la Reine.
    A mystic hush fell upon the vast assembly at the sight of the princess, as if something holy had just come into the Opera house.  Then cries of “Long live the King!  Long live Madame!” echoed in the heights of the ceiling.  The princess glittered from afar. 
    “She wears white satin covered with diamonds,” said Dorothée from behind her opera glasses.  “High plumes and a gold filigree tiara, covered with gems.”
    “Her necklace and earrings … surely they are Marie-Antoinette’s own diamonds,” said Madame de Boigne, looking through her own glasses.  “The tiara is new … it is in the Merovingian style.  Well, she is certainly a princess of whom France need not be ashamed before the world.”
~from Madame Royale by Elena Maria Vidal

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