Thursday, November 3, 2011

Louis XVI Banned the Bomb

Louis XVI banned the use of "infernal machines" as they were called.
 The Italian scientist Poli invented an explosive ten times more powerful than gunpowder and he detonated it during an exhibition before Louis XVI. Pondering on the destructive power he had just seen, the king turned to Poli and said: “Your invention is most terrible and I will reward you for your studies. However, war is already too deadly and cruel so I do not want your invention to be used. I command that it remain absolutely secret.” (Read entire post.)


Hope said...

Quite interesting. What would our present day leaders do in a similar situation?

Julygirl said...

They would work to turn it into something more devasting that would kill more people faster....and eventually come upwith something that would annihilate the planet.

Gio said...

If only our politicians and leaders did the same! But I'm afraid they'd behave just like Julygirl said..