Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to Build a Hobbit House

Easy, convenient and inexpensive. I want one. To quote:
The family struck lucky searching for a site for their dream project. In return for looking after the area, the owner of the woods gave them their plot for free. After digging into the hillside, Mr Dale – with the help of his father-in-law, a builder – first constructed the building’s timber frame. The roof, which came next, has a layer of straw bales for insulation and is covered  with sheets of plastic to make it waterproof. Finally it is covered with a layer of earth, which ensures the house blends perfectly into its surroundings. (Read entire article.)


The North Coast said...

What a lovely house! I always found the Hobbit lifestyle beguiling, too. It's wonderful to build such a beautiful, cozy, sustainable little house so cheaply.

I only wish that the Dales had been able to purchase the land they built this on, and I hate to see people make this kind of investment on other people's property. You never know what can happen; your landlord can die or fall on hard times and have to sell, and the next owner has other plans. Best to do this on property that you OWN.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

If I find a wife, getting a troglo-house would be ideal, once the ground was paid. In France there is no habitation tax on troglodyte housings.

I have my own ideas about architecture, but the thing is, it would take heaps of work for several men.

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papabear said...

Wish I could build one...