Thursday, August 4, 2011

In House

Introducing a new homemaking journal. To quote:
This journal is the coming together of two friends who have a heart for being home and making our families the center of our lives.  

It's not an online magazine, a how to [though we plan to share our ideas] or an authority on anything but our own lives.  It is simply the sharing of pieces of our days and snippets of life in our homes.

It's not the full picture, it can't be, life is just so much more complicated than can be communicated on a computer screen. 

I hope we will be encouraging, dare I say even inspiring, though in truth what we really want is to be authentic.  Our intention is to journal about the ins and outs of our daily lives at home and share our thoughts and ideas as homemakers, mothers, and wives.

We have no time frame for posting.  No schedule.  No obligation. Our families come first and that is as it should be.

We're trusting that God has led us here and that He will make this what He wants it to be.
We're happy you're here.

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