Sunday, June 12, 2011

Empress Alexandra

A study in pictures, by Madame Guillotine.



lara77 said...

What beautiful photos; Her Majesty always had a sad and far away look in her eyes. I shudder to think how her life ended. I must say the photos that were posted by Madame Guillotine were beautiful; I find her name to be disconcerting at the least!

Alice Seidel said...

I am always drawn to pictures such as these. The beautiful gowns and the equally beautiful jewelry; it is all passing, isn't it? Because she is long dead, and only pictures remain.
Such is this life!

Julygirl said...

Having worked with parents who have a child suffering from some sort of 'disability', I have experienced the sorrow deep in their eyes. 9She was also sad for the plight of her adopted Country.)