Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Planning a Road Trip?

Here are some excellent tips for a cross-country trek with the family.
During a road trip it is essential to bring with you some things for emergency because you never know what will happen so it's better to be prepared. These are some of the things that we brought with us:
  • car tools, extra tire and car cleaners
  • medicines and First Aid kit
  • gallons of distilled water
  • ready to eat can goods, nuts and chocolate
  • 2 coffee mugs, paper plates, bowls,cups and plastic spoons and forks
  • personal things like sunglasses, pen, cameras, paper, tissue paper, beauty kit etc.
  • personal IDs and all important contact numbers and account numbers.
  • iPod, if no iPod some kind of music player.
  • clothing, extra shoes
  • Light jacket, blanket sand pillows - in case stranded (Read More.)

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