Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Poem to Honor Jeanne d'Arc

The first poem to honor Saint Joan was written by French poetess Christine de Pisan during the Maid's lifetime. (Via Daniel Mitsui)
 Tu, Jehanne, de bonne heure née,
Benoist soit cil qui te créa!
Pucelle de Dieu ordonnée,
En qui le Saint Esprit réa
Sa grant grace, en qui ot et a
Toute largesse de hault don,
N'onc requeste ne te véa.
Qui te rendra assez guerdon?

Blessed be He who created thee, Joan,
Who wast born at a propitious hour!
Maiden sent from God,
Into whom the Holy Ghost poured
His great grace, in Whom there was and is
An abundance of noble gifts,
Never did Providence refuse thee any request.
Who can ever begin to repay thee?

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