Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marie-Antoinette: Her Personal Style

Gareth Russell offers some reflections on fashion and the court of Marie-Antoinette, saying:
The personal style of Marie-Antoinette and her confidantes is something often misrepresented. Like earlier queens, such as Anne Boleyn and Henrietta-Maria, Marie-Antoinette was genuinely interested in fashion for fashion's sake - she enjoyed the touch and sight of gorgeous fabrics and daring, fashion-forward gowns. Unlike other sovereigns, such as Elizabeth I or Louis XIV, the Queen did not enjoy dressing for the sake of grandeur or political display. Her decision, in the 1780s, to patronise the movement for simpler, elegant lawn dresses was one of her more controversial, but is also indicates that the Queen preferred style to splendour and innovation to tradition when it came to fashion.


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This blog is so intresting! I love the picture of Marie Antoinette, i think many people believe that they only wore tall hair and huge panniers all the time.

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