Saturday, January 15, 2011

Working from Home

Here are some great tips from Patricia Rossi for those who have a home office.
Number One:  Set your agenda/schedule and follow it.
Number Two:  Dress the part. If you wouldn't do business in your husband's boxers or your wife’s robe then don't wear that when you start your business day. Dress in a professional manner.
Number Three:  Be careful of snack attacks, taking little bites here and there add up- the freshman 15 doesn't look good or sit well on any us.
Number Four:  Beware of activities that are dressed up like business opportunities. Things such as emails, texting, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn- all of these are important, yet must be utilized in a limited fashion. Set time parameters and follow them.
Number Five:  Keep your professional persona; don't relax your professional boundaries and or personal screen. You’re in your home office-not on the Jerry Springer show… so comments that are of personal nature should be kept out of business conversations.  People don't want to know you haven't brushed, had a fuss with your spouse or changed your clothes in 2 days.
Number Six : Set Boundaries with your friends, animals, children, husband, & neighbors. They need to know you keep a tight office schedule and that they can't just stop by and plunk down for a 20 minute coffee klatch.
Number Seven: Open and close shop at the same time every single business day. 15 minutes before closing time, read over your list of things to accomplished; check off things completed and start a list of things to complete the next day.
Working from home can be most satisfying and successful for both you and your family if you keep these simple steps in mind!
PATRICIA ROSSI is the Nationally Syndicated Manners Correspondent for NBC’s “Daytime” where she hosts the popular Manners Minute segments. Patricia is a renowned etiquette consultant and author of  “Everyday Etiquette Made Easy”.

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