Thursday, January 6, 2011

Galette des Rois

Happy Epiphany! It is never too late to celebrate. January is Epiphany Month! Share


love the girls said...

I've never heard of Epiphany month before, but we can also celebrate Christmas for a few more days depending on which tradition you follow.

And being American Catholics cast adrift to do as each one pleases, why not?

Those who follow the Christmas octaves are out of luck, as are those who celebrate American Christmas during Advent.

But in our home we have still have a bit of time left with Christmas Tide lasting twelve days and ending at the former Feast of the Circumcision.

While for others the celebration is until Candle Mass

Or just go Eastern Rite and do Christmas twice, as the Easterners in turn celebrate both.

Anonymous said...

King Cake!!! Makes the perfect birthday cake.... :-D

Happy Mardi Gras season!
Love and prayers,

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

It's "Dia de reis" in Brazil-- Kings' Day!

elena maria vidal said...

Happy Birthday, Gette!

elena maria vidal said...

Lovely, Ana! Happy Feast!

Matterhorn said...

That looks delicious! Happy feast day everyone!

tubbs said...

I cheated and used a Pepperidge Farm shell.
Then my mother reminded me of how her mother-in-law (my German grandmother) whould take a ball of dough the size of her fist, and work it out by hand into something over a square yard (for strudel)
the pity - lost arts!