Monday, October 25, 2010

Restoration Style

Readers of Madame Royale may be interested to see some examples of bridal fashion from the Restoration.
In Journal des Dames (Costume Parisien) of 1820 we find the first reference to the use of orange blossoms as the flower of choice for the bride. The dress is white lace over satin, tied back with a wide sash that ends in a bow, and trimmed at the bottom with a satin rolleau. The gown has short puff sleeves and is worn with long white gloves. It's noteworthy that the veil is referred to as d'Angleterre -in the English style. We are tempted to draw the conclusion that the veil was popular in England before the fashion spread to France!


andrew1860 said...

Beautiful!!!! I love clothing from this period.

Matterhorn said...

How charming!