Sunday, October 24, 2010

Margaret Tudor

Gareth Russell explores the tumultuous life of Henry VIII's elder sister Margaret, the princess and queen from whom all British royals after 1603 are descended. To quote:
The second child and eldest daughter of King Henry VII and his queen, Elizabeth of York, Margaret was born at the Palace of Westminster in London during the final weekend of November 1489 and christened in honour of her paternal grandmother, the Countess of Derby. At the age of thirteen, she was placed into an arranged marriage with James IV, the thirty year-old King of Scots. Although she lacked the beauty of either her mother or her younger sister, the Queen of France, Margaret was still considered attractive and vivacious. As later events would show, she certainly had a taste for chosing her own mates - apparently something of a family trait in Henry VII's children.


Gareth Russell said...

Thank you for the link. Sometimes I can't help but feel Margaret's life would make a great movie.

Janna Zepp said...

I would love to see her life made into a film too. I play the part of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland every spring at Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Texas. I've played the part for 15 years and I strive to play her as engagingly and true as possible. The Tudors butchered the character's history, though I did appreciate Anwar's performance tremendously. Why not just tell the story as it was?

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Janna, why anyone would have to alter Margaret's life is incomprehensible. The reality was more interesting than anything anyone could make up.