Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Hanging Girl

This is one of the most evil things I have ever seen. Share


Unknown said...

Oh yeah, I've seen that before. That's when "Save the Earth" people get to mad. Have you seen the movie where the opononts of global warming get blown up?

These are all leftists by the way. They just love people so much.

Melissa Mazza said...

This is my first comment on this blog. Thank you, Elena Maria, for this wonderful blog. I didn't comment on the link since there seems to be a bit of vitriol in the comments and the assumptions of the blog writer. I just want to say that not all environmentalists are pro-abortion or "anti-people" as he says. I am a devout (albeit very flawed) Catholic, pro-life, and socially conservative. That said, I also love the earth and don't want to see it destroyed by human ignorance. Pitting readers against "leftists" is simply distracting from the real problems. I do not think that population control is the way to avoid global climate change-legislation and simple corporate limitations that have been shown to work are what I would like to see happen. I just hate feeling marginalized by conservatives because I am an environmentalist. You can love God, your fellow man, and the Earth. Really!

elena maria vidal said...

No, I have not seen the film, Informer. Sounds awful.

Thank you for commenting, Melissa. I believe you. I was taught to care for the environment as a child; we are supposed to be responsible stewards of creation. Isn't it terrible how some people take it to an extreme?