Sunday, May 9, 2010

Standing up for Mothers

Real men do not allow their children to be aborted. Cheryl Dickow offers some compelling thoughts.
A mother who cannot feed her children needs our help. She should not be in a situation where she sees abortion as an option. We should not be creating a nation in which a mother — regardless of her age and circumstances — feels that killing her child is the best of all alternatives.  But regardless of her feelings, our nation cannot continue to allow this legal murder.

There was recently an article in USA Today about how each side (pro-death and pro-life) would be ahead if the number of abortions was at least reduced. The argument was presented in such a way that a little win-win was better than nothing at all.

Having looked at those babies whose lives were snatched during the most vulnerable of times, I am certain that even one abortion is far too many and that no one wins when a baby’s life is taken. Too many mothers have had to wake the hard way to that sad reality. Thank God for the men who know it and who stand up for mothers.


MadMonarchist said...

I always thought it grossly unfair that men have no say in whether or not their children are aborted -there's no "allowing" in it. Of course, if the mother decides to have the baby the father has to pay child support (and rightly so) because it is *his* child too. Yet, if the mother decides to abort the baby it is suddenly *her* body and *her* choice and can be done without the consent or even knowledge of the father. It doesn't seem like one would have to agree on the abortion issue or not to see the injustice there.

elena maria vidal said...

Excellent point, MM!

Julygirl said...

I believe God is allowing our Country to suffer in many ways due to its stand on Abortion.