Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do Authors Really Need to Promote Their Own Books?

Yes, they do. (Via Kate Wicker) Share


Julygirl said...

Based on her(the letter writer),logic, then well established, Oscar winning film stars do not have to go out and promote their movie. Meryl Streep, the premier female actor in Hollywood was out promoting "Jullie and Julia'. One might think this can be overdone, but there are lots of people out there who need to be reached. I once complained to my mother that I had heard her tell people about the same incident over and over again, but she reminded me that each time it was a different person.

Bearded Lady said...

wow. I can't believe someone would tell an author not to promote their book. I consider promotion at least 50% (if more) of an author's job...and most publishers do too.

I would like to tie that letter writer up and make them sit at an author signing where no one shows up and shoppers start asking, "do you work here?" Or even worse, they pick up your book and say, "is this free?" errrrrrrr!

elena maria vidal said...

That's a good example, Julygirl. If someone like Meryl has to promote her work, then certainly lowly authors do.

Bearded Lady, you have me laughing! I am just so grateful that we now have the internet and social media. When my first book was published I remember how my husband and I would send out hundreds of post cards and brochures. It was a great deal of work. It is so much easier now.