Thursday, October 29, 2009

Was Oswald a CIA Agent?

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tubbs said...

One leaves oneself wide open to being called a conspiracy kook if one dares question the Warren report. Well, I became a "kook" appropoximately ten years ago, after reading the obit for the ER surgeon from the Dallas hospital where JFK was declared dead. The obit told of his life-long defiance of the Warren report, This doctor saw gunshot wounds to the head on a regular basis, and he boldly and consistantly stated that JFK was shot from the front.
Any one who's had a bit of shooting experience with guns and rifles (ex., hunters) knows what I mean.

elena maria vidal said...

Actually, almost 30 years ago at my liberal arts alma mater we had a thorough presentation from a scholar who was far from being a conspiracy kook. He showed us the tape of the assassination and talked about the forensics, especially the direction of the bullets, etc. It put some questions in my mind.

Julygirl said...

Without getting involved in the conspiracy theory thing, the fact that the back of Kennedy's head was blown off sounds like an exit wound to me, although he was definitely also shot from behind, which was the shot that also struck Gov. Connelly. But back to Oswald being in the CIA, in my opinion he was too much of a whiny attention seeking wimp to be in the CIA. I cannot imagine how he managed to make it through the Marine training program. I have watched the film clips over and over of his transfers back and forth within the police station in Dallas before the fateful outdoor transfer attempt, and all he does is whine and complain.