Sunday, September 20, 2009

Whittaker Chambers in Books

Please visit the new blog of David Chambers, with reviews of books that mention his grandfather, Whittaker Chambers. David points out both the truths and errors in how various books represent a vital chapter of American history, based upon his fascinating archives. Share

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Tertium Quid said...

Nice post. The nuances of Chambers and Hiss suffer from the deprivation of thought common in our culture. I have read "Witness," and though some of it might be self-serving, the Soviet archives have vindicated Chambers and completely discredited Hiss.

The focus of scholarship today should not be to promote one over the other. The Chambers win is without doubt in all but leftist circles. The challenge today is to measure the men in their times and evaluate what their struggle tells about America, ideology as inverted religion, and the world.