Monday, June 1, 2009

City of Life and Death (2009)

There is a new film on the horrors of the rape of Nanjing. War is truly disgusting. Share


Brantigny said...

It can not be refined. What happened in Nanjing, happened in The Phillipines, Malaya, Guam, french IndoChina, Korea, elsewhere in China and anywhere the Japanese captured.

Only yesterday the Japnese appologized for Bataan.


elena maria vidal said...

Did they? That is good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this link as I come from Nanjing. Though my family originally came from elsewhere, I always view Nanjing as 'my city' as I was born and have grown up there. The Massacre is like a uncured scar left in my heart, as well as in the hearts of many Nanjing citizens. There is a memorial dedicated to the victims of massacre and every 13th of December is the official mourning day. The scar cuts so deep that in my point of view, no film can express that misery and relieve our grief. Here is the link to my comment of the film:

btw, Nanjing is a lovely city rich of culture and history, nevertheless, it is not so well known worldwide. But I'd recommend any foreign visitor to visit Nanjing if they have chance to come to China, and I'm sure that they won't regret it!

elena maria vidal said...

Dear Furui, I am very, very grateful to you for sharing your painful reflections with us. I will certainly read the link you sent. Merci!