Friday, October 17, 2008

The Joys of Stationery

Victoria Thorne discusses the lost art of sending and receiving letters and invitations~ in paper envelopes. To quote Mrs. Thorne:
Although an incredible number of invitations and notes are sent on the internet, it's still the siren call of stationery--real paper, real envelopes, real stamps, real ink in a real pen--that gets to a lot of us. Maybe it's the retro joy of opening the mailbox and finding real correspondence.

Maybe it's the pure art of it, when it is well done: the thrill that comes when one receives their own little bit of thoughtful beauty in an envelope.


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Linda said...

Sorry about that truncated comment. I do understand the joys of stationery, and miss it. But it is also possible nowadays to create your own beautiful invitation via email. It is true that receiving it is not the same as opening an envelope and holding the invitation in your hands. But with a stamp now costing practically half a dollar, I try to create an invitation that I can send out via email, usually with a beautiful painting, and a nicer font and color for the text.