Monday, May 5, 2008

Notre Dame du Laus

A French shrine dedicated to the Blessed Mother has received full ecclesiastical approval, making it an official place of pilgrimage. Laus is the site of seventeenth century apparitions received by Dominican tertiary Benoîte Rencurel. Sometimes it takes awhile. (Thanks to Pewsitter and Abbey-Roads2)


Terry Nelson said...

Elena, I think you will especially find this bit of trivia interesting:

"News of the apparitions began to spread; people were talking about them all over. Many believed in them, but several others were incredulous and treated the shepherd girl as a false mystic. Among the many people who supported Benoite were the little girls of St. Stephen's who, like her, loved Mary with all their heart. To repeat what we summarized above, the Blessed Virgin said to her, "Tell the girls of St. Stephen's to sing the Litany of the Blessed Virgin in the church every evening, with the permission of the Prior, and you will see that they will do it." Indeed, once they had learned their "lesson," the Litany was chanted every evening with great devotion. It might be interesting to point out here that Laus is in the diocese of Embrun. Since 1638, the year of the consecration of France to Mary by King Louis XIII, the Litany of Loreto had been chanted regularly in the cathedral of Embrun."


elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Terry, that's truly interesting. I have never heard of this apparition before yesterday.

Emily said...

How cool! I went to Laus in 2004. It's very beautiful.