Friday, May 23, 2008

New Film about Mary Queen of Scots

A new film about Mary Queen of Scots is in production, starring Scarlett Johansson as the ill-fated monarch. (Via World of Royalty Blog) I hope it's good. There really has never been a decent film made about Mary. The one with Katherine Hepburn had its moments, but it took too many liberties. The film with Vanessa Redgrave was even worse, although it started out beautifully, with Redgrave as the perfect Mary. Once Bothwell came onto the scene, it went down hill, and was not even faithful to the biography by Antonia Fraser upon which it was loosely based. Mary and Elizabeth never met face-to-face. And Fraser makes it clear that Mary was kidnapped and raped by Bothwell, who probably drugged her. It is highly doubtful that he was her great love. It is interesting how some biographers, novelists and filmmakers always want to romanticize certain relationships which in reality were not romantic in the least. Share

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