Saturday, May 31, 2008

Let's Cut the Hypocrisy

Dr. Thomas Fleming analyzes the FCLDS fiasco in the context of our society as a whole.
Here is what the real issue is. State governments routinely promote teenage promiscuous sex in the sex education programs in government schools and in government-funded counseling centers. In many states, condoms are routinely provided to children on the pretext of preventing the spread of STD’s, when everyone knows or ought to know that the purpose, as much as the result, is to encourage teenage sex. And yet, here we have a state agency seizing a large group of children on the grounds that teenage girls are having sex with a man they regard as their husband and to whom they have promised fidelity.

f you want to talk about weird, what is weirder than the counselors, child-savers, and feminist prosecutors who want to rescue young women from polygamy only to turn them into unpaid strumpets.

Meanwhile, the children are suffering in the care of the government.


Terry Nelson said...

My point all along!

Unknown said...

And I can't stop thinking about the younger children who are suffering. They could have stayed with their mothers even if their was probable cause for statutory rape. They were not in imminent danger. Due process right have been badly trampled on in this debacle. I hope they sue.

I can't stop thinking how different this would have played out if it had been an individual charged with statutory rape. No way would they take all the children from the home - ridiculous. They'd bar contact of the male with the alleged victim.

It really makes me queasy to see this sort of thing happened in our country. Where are the folks who care about the Constitution. People should be up in arms about this.

Anonymous said...

The description of the child being forcibly weaned made me weep. It is frightening that this happened in our country.

Abuse or no abuse, there are proper channels in our country and the correct process was abandoned. It makes me irate that these children were not allowed to stay with their mothers.

For years now, our country's children have not been adequately educated in history, government and law. Is it any wonder that these employees of a government agency, likely a product of such an incomplete education, have made such a mess?