Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Blueness Above

And to the left a torrent, which as it thundered
To new depths, downpoured unstoppable,
Elemental, white scattering light.

~"Glenariff Waterfall" by Ann Murray

Prize-winning Irish poetess Ann Murray has published a compilation of her poems, entitled The Blueness Above. Ann's words capture not only the splendor of an undying faith but convey the beauty of realities both natural and supernatural. The fruit of meditation, crafted with harmony and restraint, the slim volume is overflowing with matter for reflection, with words that open a window into a world beyond. I must admit that my favorite poems are those that describe places in Ireland. The landscape is painted with magnificence tinged with anguish, as the book celebrates the ultimate mastery of eternal truths over all that passes. For a breath of fresh and holy air, for thoughts that can be seized upon and relished, I happily recommend Ann's book of poetry. Share

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Ann Murray said...

I'm very grateful to you, Elena Maria, for promoting the book in this way. Thank you for your kind words and recommendation.
All proceeds from the book will go towards relief efforts in Darfur and Mayanmar.