Saturday, March 8, 2008

Youthful Courtship and Puritanism

Godspy has a thought-provoking article on why marrying young might not be such a bad idea.

And while perusing the various blogs, I came across some comments from a couple of young ladies lamenting the fact that when they wear skirts, even knee-length skirts, it causes men to look at their legs. They agreed that long pants are more modest than skirts because then their legs are totally hidden from the male gaze. I do not know why they do not just adopt the burka, which will prevent men from seeing them at all. Or shave their heads like cloistered nuns, since many men also admire long hair.

It seems that there is a puritanical backlash on the part of devout ladies which makes them think that it is pious to make themselves asexual and androgynous so that men will not look at them. Actually, there is nothing wrong with men admiring women and their femininity. If men did not admire women, there would not be any babies. God made it that way. That does not mean that men should leer at women or make rude comments. It does not mean that women should dress like prostitutes in order to attract extra attention to themselves. It does not mean that if a man happens to glance at a woman that he is inflamed with lust for her or is even interested in her. It is merely part of the natural order, for men to notice the beauty of women. Beauty comes from God and can give glory to Him without being an occasion of sin. Share