Friday, January 4, 2008

The Secret Middle Ages

Author and scientist Carla Nayland has a review of an interesting book about the Middle Ages.
The Secret Middle Ages is a survey of the neglected arts and crafts of the medieval period (roughly 1100 to 1600) in Britain and continental Europe including France, the Low Countries and Germany. The author comments that most studies of medieval art present only a partial picture, confined to religious art and the precious objects owned by the elite. His survey, by contrast, sets out to explore what he calls the “other half” of medieval art, the everyday objects accessible to the bulk of the population – biscuit moulds, furniture, cheap lead jewellery, personal seals, floor tiles, woodcuts in books that illustrate contemporary stories and sayings, and decorative carvings in churches such as misericords and carved capitals.

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Anonymous said...

That is a neglected area. We can view the everyday art and culture of primitive societies such as the American Indians and Vikings, it would be interesting to see more from that period of European societies.