Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Holy Name of Jesus

January 2 is the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. Catholic Exchange has some reflections.
Through his Holy Name, Jesus can become the constant companion of our souls. By keeping His Name constantly within our hearts, He can be with us in all of our joys and sorrows. This is the secret of sanctity. One of the pitfalls that we must avoid in our spiritual life, especially in our distracted modern culture, is forgetting God. We may be able to carve out regular time to pray. But afterwards, does anything change? Or after our communion with God in prayer, do we live the rest of our lives as if He did not exist? By constantly remembering His Name, we constantly remember God and the true purpose of our lives. The more we remember Jesus, the more we see His presence and His grace everywhere, turning all the moments of our lives into opportunities for sanctity.

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