Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Hope

Here is an excerpt from the homily for the Fourth Sunday of Advent by Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the Pontifical Household preacher.
In this moment in which we feel the need for hope so strongly, the feast of Christmas can be the occasion for us to change our tendencies. Let us recall what Jesus said one day: "He who welcomes a child in my name welcomes me." This also holds for whoever welcomes a poor and abandoned child, for whoever adopts and feeds a child of the Third World; but it holds above all for two Christian parents who, loving each other, in faith and hope, open themselves to a new life. Many couples who are lost in joy at the moment the pregnancy announces itself are certain to then make their own the words of Isaiah's Christmas prophecy: "You have spread joy, you have made happiness increase, because a child is born for us, a son is given us!"

And an article about hope and healing through repentance and counseling for fathers who have suffered trauma due to abortion. (Via Pewsitter) Share

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