Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Queen is not pleased...

...with Tony Blair. Via The Monarchist. Share


Anonymous said...

Well, I wasn't able to get through all the responses -- secularly, it's laborious even if hilarious (like reading Waugh without knowing it'll somehow be alright), and it threw me to read of "grotty" politicians as I'd always thought the word was "crotty".. *sigh, but at any rate, I've wondered if Helen Mirren's portrayal of her is fairly accurate. I'm presuming that's a movie not shown in G.B.? I've come to like the idea of quiet regal decorum, if the alternative is a leader (or figurehead) flipping someone the bird or joking about the death penalty, etc.


Terry Nelson said...

Actually, "The Queen" is shown in GB and Her Majesty invited Mirren to tea because she likes Mirren and evidently appreciated the film.

elena maria vidal said...

Oh, thanks, Terry, now I want to see it more than ever. I love Helen Mirren.

marie said...

It's a good movie and an excellent interpretation done by Helen Mirren. People need to remember that the Queen comes from a different generation where people were not so vocal about expressing their 'feelings'.
I also think the actor who portrays Tony Blair comes off fairly well too. One gets to see the 'spin' machinist's at work.

The person who comes out poorly is Prince Charles, who throughout tries to implicate the Queen, while saving his own skin! But I wont say more lol.

Grotty means dirty or dirty business, underhand etc.

Also though Helen Mirren was invited to the Palace she declined the invitation..the Queen is NOT pleased with that either lol.

BTW Elena:)

I watched 'Marie Antionette' *rolls eyes* yes I know you warned me..what a stupid film very amateurish. I wonder how actors like Kirsten Dunst and Judy Davis would accept such a badly written script...all that flipping giggling, drove me NUTS! LOL!

Well these are my movie reviews lol.

Yours in friendship,


elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Marie, for the review and the information. Hopefully, I will be able to see it this weekend.

Yes, "amateurish" best describes the Coppola film. If only she had let her father direct it....

Enbrethlilel said...


This is verging way off topic, but I'm really surprised that Helen Mirren turned down an invitation from the queen. Didn't she say during the Barbara Walters interview that playing Elizabeth made her not just like the Queen more, but actually grow to love her? :S

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, I wonder why Helen did not join the queen for tea?

marie said...

Helen Mirren told the Court Officials that she was filming. But I am sure her producers would have allowed her time off.

Helen Mirren's own family though are Anti-Monarchy.

Perhaps Helen simply wants to admire the Queen from a distance..nothing worse than meeting someone you admire only to find they have clay feet.

BTW I have met the Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Diana. Have any others met them or anyone famous?

Yours in friendship,


elena maria vidal said...

When I was 14 years old I saw the queen drive by in Kingston, Ontario. That is as close as I ever got to royalty. Marie, that is so interesting that you got to meet them. I heard that Helen's family were Russian but not that that were anti-monarchy; that is interesting, too.