Friday, February 9, 2007

Masonry is still banned by Catholic Church

Here is an article from Zenit, via Spirit Daily, about how freemasonry is forbidden to Catholics. I also linked to the original 1738 bull of Pope Clement XII condemning freemasonry (from a Masonic site!) as well as an article connecting one of the branches of masonry to some Jacobites who were disillusioned with the Stuart pretenders. Very interesting. My Baptist granddaddy in Alabama was a freemason but for him it was more of a men's club for civic improvements. It is interesting to note that many of the people who agitated the escalation of the French Revolution and the subsequent attack on the Church were dedicated masons, such as the Duc d' Orleans. Marie-Antoinette's brother Joseph II was also a fervent mason; it was terrible how he closed down all of those monasteries in Austria. Share


Jeffrey Smith said...

The American Freemasons are to the European variety as the American Revolutionaries were to the French. They're a whole different sort.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Jeffrey, that seems to be the case.

Anonymous said...

Hello! After the war of Independence of Mexico, the First Mexican Empire -comprising all Central America, except Panama, and the old northern territories of Mexico,-almost a third of the total- later lost to the US) began but Francmasonry toppled and executed Emperor Agustín de Iturbide (1821-1824), then the Republic was proclaimed they issued a Liberal Constitution banning the cult of Catholic Church back in 1857. U.S. Protestant missions were allowed and supported by the Mexican Government to gain adepts in Mexico.- We had hundreds of martyrs in two religious wars, including teenagers. A bomb was made to explode -by the Government- before the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but her image was not damaged at all.- Those were, indeed, troubled times for the Mexican Catholic people, then an absolute majority (there were two religious wars in Centuries 19 and 20) and currently we are losing many fellow Catholics to the massive, believe me, massive door-to-door Protestant promoters. We Catholics are making a growing effort to keep our faith strong and to hold many of our brethens within the Catholic cult. Only one ex President belonging to the PRI; Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon (PAN)are the only non-Mason Mexican Presidents, in fact these last two are openly Catholic, which has brought them many problems, as it is "against the law" to mention the slightest religious subject while in office. The whole Mexican media is openly contrary to Catholicism. Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his family and kin have endured and are enduring terrible attacks for his "sin" of giving the status of juridical entity to the Catholic Church after more than 100 years and for having restored official diplomatic relationship with the Vatican State.
The Mexican media nicknamed the ex-Secretary of Gobernacion (position equal to US. Vice President) Carlos Maria Abascal, "Archbishop Abascal", because he would, open and proudly state, every time he could, that he attends church every day.
The supporters of the defeated leftist "leader" Lopez Obrador rallied every Sunday, at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City at the moment of consecration of the host in the mass held by Archbishop Norberto Carrera doing unmentionable things around and upon the altar and they were not punished at all. Not one batted a single eyelash.

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Maru, for this historical background, unknown to many Americans! We here are united in prayer for you there as we struggle for the souls of our countries.