Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Duchesse de Berry's arrival on the coast of France in 1832

Here is a painting of the stormy arrival of Caroline, Duchesse de Berry, on the coast of France in her attempt to regain the throne for her son Henri V. She ended up being chased by the army all over Brittany disguised as a peasant boy. She was captured in a farmhouse where she was hiding in a chimney, and she was almost burned alive. She was incarcerated in the fortress of Blaye where she gave birth to a daughter, as is told in the novel Madame Royale. Share


Jeffrey Smith said...

Sometimes I wonder why people write fiction when the truth is so much more interesting. If a novelist invented a story like that people would say it lacked believability.

elena maria vidal said...

Hi, Jeffrey! Very true! That is what makes historical fiction so much fun!