Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Banner of Saint Joan of Arc

I read on a blog that those who are "pro-monarchist" and "pro-French" are "rad-trads" (such an ugly perjorative, aimed at traditionalist Catholics). Well, Saint Joan of Arc was most certainly a monarchist and definitely pro-French. (What does pro-French mean, anyway? Pro-French politics? Pro-French cooking? Are we labelled if we enjoy French travel, culture and history? I do not know....) Anyway, here is a fascinating article on her banner, the banner of Jehanne d'Arc. Share


Anonymous said...

I went to your website. what a treasure trove! I am so pleased you write the truth about the French Royal family.

elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Terry. I believe that a true conception of the past can aid in a better understanding of the present.

Anonymous said...

I saw with interest the article on the Banner of La Pucelle. I have difficulty in being referred to by som as a Rad-Trad. I am not. While I have found Radical-traditionalists to be well meaning and Catholic, there is a tendancy to bear a hubris that I have heretofore found only in the Orthodox community when discussing the Filioque. While they do have many good points, the fact that they exist at all lends much credance to their complaints, many of which I share, especially those on ecuminism. However there are some who would wear this title with pride and deny not the primacy of the Pope but that we have a valid Pope at all. They point to clandestine conspiracies in order to provide proofs. Unfortunatley most conspiracies are never discovered.

The first thing I learned in Catholic school is this one word...Obediance. The Pope has my undying affection and unswervering loyalty and obediance. Why? Beacuse he is the sucessor of Peter.

I am pro-French, because that is where my heritage lies. I believe that the current Prince Louis-Alphonse, Duc D'Anjou is the legitimate heir to the throne of France (taken by the mob) both morally and lawfully. ...And I believe that until he regains his throne France will suffer under the weight of the Satanic/Masonic heresy which has expanded since 1793.

Yes I wish that the mass was said correctly in Latin, why? The Mass unifies the Church as the King unifies the nation. Are there problems with the Novus Ordo. Yes. but the Pope and his bishops have declared its use. Since the Pope is the head of the Church and has the Authority to allow the common language as his obiediant servant I accept that.

elena maria vidal said...

I could not agree with you more, Monsieur de Brantigny. We certainly see eye-to-eye on this, as on so many other things. I resent being called a "rad-trad" by some just because I appreciate tradition. I love the Holy Father and have tried to follow the teachings of the Church. I am a daughter of the Church. I think such labels are ugly.

We have missed you, Monsieur! Welcome back!